Associated Challenges and risks

Neovista(Previous K-World) System operates in an emerging and rapidly changing industry that is subject to various risks and challenges. Prospective purchasers of KTK must consider and comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the risks identified by the administrators of our team. While the challenges and risks are expected to be listed in the white paper or website, there may be other unforeseen risks that the purchaser must be aware of. If any of these risks materialize, they could have a negative impact on the finances of our team, potentially hindering our ability to fulfill our obligations.
The team's undertaking relies on the continuous and proper functioning of its technology infrastructure, which is subject to various risks, including cyber-attacks, data theft, and other malicious interferences. The infrastructure may also be outsourced to third parties, exposing our team to the risk of failures in such technology arrangements. To mitigate these risks, our team expects to decrease them as low as possible by implementing a unique control tower. Unlike many other platforms, our team will take place as the main developer team of this project, which can be highly recommended to achieve the goal.
One of the main challenges of the project is to connect the real world with the virtual world and offer rewards for investing time and effort in the platform. Our team aims to provide participants with unique experiences and opportunities to communicate, share ideas, and give feedback. The team's approach is to engage with participants often and listen to their needs to continuously improve the platform. As an emerging and disruptive industry, there are still many unknowns and risks associated with distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, and other innovative technology arrangements. Therefore, it is essential for the team to keep up with the latest developments and regulations, and communicate any updates to participants promptly.