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Neovista 2.0

NeoVista 2.0 aims to create an independent ecosystem while maintaining the natural environment, landmarks, and government agencies based on actual maps.

In the initial testing phase, construction, mining, and government facilities will be concentrated in specific areas, but this will gradually expand to maps worldwide.

Participants will be able to socialize with people from any region they desire, regardless of geographical boundaries or cultural backgrounds.

Neovista 2.0 also introduces a new type of quest.

For example, when a dungeon is created at specific GPS coordinates, an NPC is generated in augmented reality when a participant reaches that location, allowing them to enter the dungeon. This format is similar to that of Pokémon Go. In the dungeon, special materials, rare animal ingredients, hero pieces, NFTs, and other valuable items can be obtained.

The space where the dungeon is created is randomly generated in locations that have been contracted with the foundation, such as a participant's home or store.

The participant can earn additional income through the sale of potions, materials, and items, with 5% of the profits allocated to the participant, and the remaining 2.5% allocated to destruction or the foundation's revenue.

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