Definition and Usage of KTK


KTK is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 1.665 billion. It plays a crucial role on the Neobisuta platform, and the foundation is working to build a core mechanism that connects the token to the platform's essential value. KTK is used for accessing the Neobisuta platform, buying game items, customizing avatar characters, and more. KTK can also be earned by playing games on the platform. The demand for KTK increases when purchasing LAND, and KTK is used to upload ASSET to the marketplace, which is then sold based on rarity and scarcity.
In addition, KTK can be staked to earn income from LAND, and 10% of the transaction volume on KTK is used for a fee acquisition model, with 5% allocated to participants, 2.5% to burning tokens, and 2.5% for the development of the foundation.
The foundation supports the Neobisuta ecosystem by providing subsidies to encourage the creation of high-quality content and games on the platform. The overall value of the metaverse grows through the value of all economic activities supported by the foundation, forming a cycle of fundraising for larger games. The foundation generates revenue by selling LAND and items created and developed by the company, as well as from a portion of fees for specific premiums and subscriptions.
The foundation also allows creators to have true ownership of everything they create by registering ASSET as NFT, giving participants ownership and copyrights to all their creations while allowing them to sell and trade items with KTK.
KTK is currently listed on four exchanges: LBank, BitMart, BitForex, and DigiFinex, to facilitate user access and fair pricing.