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Neovista, previously known as K-World, is an online platform that offers a variety of contents to its users. At the core of this platform lies the concept of mining utility token, which is made possible through the use of pets within the game system. These pets are used to mine the token on the land space available in the game. The amount of total utility token that can be mined from each land will depend on the level of the land. Additionally, the speed at which mining takes place will depend on the skills and abilities of the pets that are used in the game.

To ensure that the utility token has a guaranteed value in the world bank, the quality of the land will also play a significant role. This means that lands of higher quality will result in a higher amount of utility token being available in the world bank. Participants who are involved in the platform will also be rewarded with staking rewards based on the profits that are generated from the platform.

Furthermore, the lands that are closely connected will also interact with each other to increase the quality of their value. This means that the value of the land can be enhanced by the neighboring lands, and participants who are involved in the platform will benefit from this increase in value. Overall, Neovista offers an immersive experience for users who are interested in mining utility token through the use of pets in the game system.

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