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Mainnet development

The main goal of the KTK project is to build an ecosystem, and the development of a mainnet is the ultimate objective in achieving this. The project aims to develop a token through an initial coin offering (ICO) based on the stable price of KTK over a period of three years, utilizing existing decentralized applications (DApps). The project also aims to develop its own platform based on Ethereum to establish an independent ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of launching the mainnet once the blockchain and wallet's stability has been verified and successfully achieved. It is worth noting that the announcement of a mainnet launch has often been perceived as positive news for a coin, resulting in a surge in price. However, the KTK project is taking a cautious approach and focusing on achieving practical milestones to prove the token's value before reaching this stage. As per the roadmap, the team is focusing on launching K-MARKET in 2023 and collaborating with partners to establish KTK as a recognized payment method. The development of the mainnet is set as a target for 2026, and the team is committed to doing their best to achieve this goal.

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