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The KTK Mining App is currently available on the Android-based Play Store and has recorded over 25,000 downloads and more than 700 reviews. Since its launch in November 2022, KTK has been experiencing explosive growth with nearly 10,000 subscribers and thousands of real-time participants exchanging information through chat. Interest in KTK is increasing, particularly in Korea, Southeast Asian countries, India, and Europe, and many bloggers and YouTubers are providing positive reviews and strategies. Recently, there has been a sharp increase in interest in KTK mining, resulting in large-scale sign-ups, referral activities, and many cases of simultaneous withdrawal requests and withdrawals. Anyone can mine KTK, but if there is an excessive exodus of participants who are not interested in the metaverse, well-intentioned participants will inevitably suffer. Therefore, KTK has set up minimum barriers to protect its market value and applied some P2E methods to differentiate withdrawal speed and combat systems. However, this is always aimed at minimum sanctions, and the outlook is that it will decrease as the number of participants increases.

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