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Streaming can be easily seen as the role of YouTube and Twitch in the metaverse of Neovista. However, the scope of streaming in Neovista is different as it encompasses everything that happens within the virtual world. Users can stream their own interior-designed homes or share information about resource gathering. Additionally, users can also broadcast unique quests. These unique quests are rare and occur only once in the entire space and time of Neovista. When specific conditions are met, the quest is triggered and a prepared team is given the opportunity to succeed.

For example, if 30 participants with AR equipment linked to Neovista are located on a beach in Cebu, Philippines, the "Yamashita's Treasure" unique quest is opened. Yamashita's Treasure is a treasure hidden by General Yamashita, a Japanese commander during World War II, who plundered it throughout the Philippines and was excavated by former President Marcos. The quest can be challenged by team leaders, and the successful team acquires an irreplaceable item.

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