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Definition of KTK

Key Token

"Key Token" is a virtual currency based on the ERC-20 standard that is used in the metaverse, also known as KTK. This token is used by participants on the Neovista platform to trade their accumulated experience points, items, and resources without the need for intermediaries. KTK is built on blockchain technology, utilizing distributed ledger technology to ensure transparency and stability in transactions.

Within Neovista, KTK facilitates direct trading of experience points, items, and resources between participants, enabling economic activities such as in-game purchases and sales. It plays a critical role in Neovista's economic system.

KTK can also be issued to third-party participants in the Neovista ecosystem, enabling them to participate in various economic activities and help build a new economic ecosystem using KTK. As such, KTK plays an important role in the metaverse, allowing participants to engage in diverse economic activities within the metaverse.

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