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In Neovista, participants have the opportunity to stream video content and receive donations in the form of utility tokens. This process is made easy through the platform's support for streaming video, allowing participants to easily connect with their audience and receive donations.

In addition, participants can visit the buildings or houses of streamers and explore the goods that are displayed within them. This creates a unique opportunity for participants to interact with each other and explore the creativity of others within the platform. Furthermore, the platform also makes it easy to trade NFTs that are displayed in the building or house.

Overall, Neovista provides a platform for participants to connect with each other and share their creativity through video streaming and exploring the content of others. The ability to donate and receive utility tokens through the platform's support for streaming video provides a way for participants to monetize their content and engage with their audience in a meaningful way. Additionally, the platform's support for NFT trading within the buildings or houses of streamers provides another layer of engagement and interaction for the community.

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