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- Understanding and agreement

By accessing any information in this paper or such part thereof, and participating any actions that

is listed on this paper, participant represent and warrant to company and related business and its

affiliates as follows that participants agree and acknowledge all information listed on this

whitepaper and any actions will generate participant’s own responsibility. The predicted

information thereof, should not be seen as the company guaranteeing the responsibility for the

content, and company has not gone through the individual verification procedures. This also

includes future events and refers to expected performance and words such as “expected”,

“predictive”, “plan”, “expectation”

Participants should read every piece of information carefully, understand and analyze the risks

related factors before deciding to participate Neovista(Previous K-World) and purchase Key token.

The risks include, but are not limited to losing access to token due to loss of private key,

credential and other identification or any other kind of custodial or purchase errors. it also include

fluctuations of the price of Key token post issuance due to the general global market and

economic condition.

Any unplanned function or unexpected operation of the Ethereum protocol which may, in turn

cause Key token or Neovista(Previous K-World) Ecosystem or operate in a way is not expected as

they are based on the Ethereum protocol.

Key Token and Neovista(Previous K-World) are a new, untested technology. there for it is always

possible to cause other risks.

Any risks and uncertainties developments into the business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects of related business or its affiliates could be materially and adversely

affected. In such cases, participants can lose all or part of the value of the token.

No one has been or is authorized to give any information or representation not contained in this

whitepaper in connection with Key token, Neovista(Previous K-World) and related business or its

affiliates and their respective businesses and operations and if given such information or

representation must not be relied upon as having authorized by or on behalf of this project.

None of information listed on this whitepaper should be considered to be business, legal, financial

or tax advice regarding Key token, Neovista(Previous K-World). Participants should consult their

own legality, financial, tax or other professional advisors regarding the project or its affiliates and

their respective businesses.

If the terms or expressions on this disclaimer are contrary to current law and regulations, the

terms or expressions will be invalid until amended, but rest of the disclaimer will keep valid.

Road map of the project can be updated, changed, modified to be faster or delayed basing on

each project procedures. In case of any changes it will be updated on whitepaper.

Company should not be seen as does guaranteeing the responsibility for the content of translated

white paper. The company might provide the white paper in many languages, and in case of any

conflicts of translations, English version of white paper has the priority.

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