What we make

Our team is currently in the process of constructing a unique virtual world that allows players to mine, craft, own, and generate revenue from items, all by utilizing KTK as the platform's utility token. In this world, players will have the ability to engage in various activities that contribute to the growth and development of their digital assets, all while using KTK to facilitate transactions and interactions within the platform. Through the integration of KTK, the team hopes to create a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem where players can fully immerse themselves in a world that blends the digital and physical realms.

McKinsey Report 2022

According to the Metaverse report by McKinsey 2022, it is predicted that by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse for work, shopping, education, entertainment, and social activities. Furthermore, it is forecasted that 30% of organizations worldwide will have products and services ready for the Metaverse. However, this new world is still somewhat unfamiliar and vague to many people, and some may still see it as a novelty. It is worth noting that the email, developed in 1970, did not become widely used until the 1990s due to the need for technological advancement and widespread adoption of the medium. The Foundation does not expect the Metaverse, which emerged in the 2000s, to take as long to undergo changes and innovations compared to the past. With companies like Samsung, Qualcomm, Google, and Apple investing heavily in XR platform development, the speed of advancement in the Metaverse is likely to be unprecedented.


Our Team aims to create a virtual reality world where KTK token holders can enjoy and generate value in a decentralized platform, as well as upload and generate revenue. Thus, the team has a roadmap that provides many means of game and entertainment, production, and streaming to proceed towards this goal. KTK is a coin that applies blockchain technology to fairly involve anyone worldwide 24/7 and recognize their rewards. Based on this, the goal is to attract both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency users to the platform.