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Neovista, has created a web-based marketplace that provides an opportunity for its participants to receive rewards for their investments. These investments include time spent on various assets that can be uploaded, exchanged, bought, and sold on the marketplace. The K-Market will initially be run by the company early world history, but eventually, ownership of the marketplace will be transferred to the participants who own the city.

In addition to the marketplace, Neovista has established partnerships with various companies that offer real-world goods. These partnerships will allow participants to wear or experience the goods within the game system. Through the use of MR (mixed reality) technology, participants can have a close-to-real-life experience with the goods that are available.

Participants in the platform can purchase these goods directly via the marketplace and have them delivered to the real world. The seamless integration of the virtual world with the real world is what makes Neovista a unique platform, offering a one-of-a-kind experience to its participants.

The platform's web-based marketplace and partnerships with various companies ensure that participants are rewarded for their investments and can have access to real-world goods through the use of MR technology. As the ownership of the K-Marketplace is transferred to the participants who own the city, it provides an opportunity for the community to be more involved in the platform's operations, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement. Overall, Neovista provides an immersive and innovative platform that offers its participants a unique experience.

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