Exclusive Summery

Our team recognizes that a new era is opening up, and anticipates that the metaverse will play a more important role in our lives amidst the acceleration of XR technology, the zero-cost society, and the combination of IoT technology. This anticipation is easily possible, as the metaverse is a technology that combines virtual reality and internet technology to create a virtual space that is similar to the real world. Through this, participants can explore a new world different from reality and enjoy various activities. The emergence of the metaverse is made possible by the development of digital technology, and a world without constraints of space and time has opened up.
The Neovista of the KTK project emphasizes the importance of the metaverse even more. Participants are offered a great opportunity to enjoy and explore new things. In response to the explosive growth of the number of participants, the foundation is dedicated to deploying the best talent and efforts to offer the best experience possible. Through this, participants can exchange ideas and earn revenue based on fair and reasonable standards. The foundation is committed to continuously developing fun and interesting results under these standards, providing participants with a playground in itself.
The metaverse is expected to play an even more important role in our lives. This will evolve at an even faster pace with the development of digital technology and will play a crucial role in creating new industrial fields. Interest and research in this area are expected to expand even more, and the foundation will do its best to lead this development.


Our vision is to proof infinite possibilities of metaverse and break the boundaries between virtual and real world. We are planning to combine each reality and provide the rewards for the experiences, to participants contributed to build Neovista(Previous K-World) by providing ownership of their creation and works with our utility token -Key token.
In the current game market, reward utilities given in platform were only limited its usage inside the platform. This limitation has caused participants to easily break away from the experiences and caused despondent to hard works and currencies spent during the game.
With Neovista(Previous K-World), we aim to overcome these limitations by breaking down the boundaries of each reality. We will succeed this by building a social gaming platform where participants decide to play, share, collect, trade, broadcast, farm, advertise according to their own purpose and needs. These interactions will be authorized by central control and will be taxed, but it will also provide profit to participants by sharing taxes with ownerships and burning certain amount of the utility.